Constrained Optimization in Machine and Deep Learning with NCVX and Its Practical Tricks


Nonsmoothness is common in deep learning, thanks to nonsmooth activations such as ReLU and nonsmooth losses. Constraints are new and increasingly trendy in deep learning, stimulated by, e.g., neuro-symbolic AI that tries to incorporate knowledge and reasoning, scientific applications that need to respect physical laws and constraints, and trustworthy AI that performs robust optimization over complicated perturbation sets. In this talk, I’ll describe our recent efforts to develop the right techniques in solving deep learning problems with highly nontrivial, usually nonsmooth, constraints, and highlight the NCVX ( software package that we develop, the first of its kind ever built, to lower the barrier of practitioners needing to solve these problems in their applications—taking advantage of autodifferentiation and GPU computing.

Under review at IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI)
Buyun Liang
Buyun Liang
Computer Science M.S. Student